Wolf Kreations by Erika


Award Winning Silkies & Polish Chickens , Jewelry Designs by Erika


Please check out my newly updated jewelry page. With all my latest work and Kreations.

Do to unforeseen circumstances with my health , I will not be unable to participate in any craft shows right now. Good news to my Knoxville,tn locals! I am now a part of  a wonderful shop called Knoxville soap candle and gifts, My one of a kind trees are for sale at this magical shop. if you are ever in town or looking for a wonderful gift for someone this place will have something. This shop is ran by a lady named Miss Jodi she supports local artist. She has ALL different kinds of things in her sweet little shop. So please come by when you have the chance and look around. you never know you just might find something you like and you will be supporting local business. Please tell Miss Jodi I said Hi.
About Us

         Erika Wolf is the creator and sole designer of Wolf Kreations. She has a natural and raw talent for creativity. She has done many things in the creative world, but has found a passion in jewelry. Her new found passion has opened new ways to express herself, with her hope that whoever ends up owning one of her pieces feels as inspired wearing it as much as Erika did creating it.

         Carol Wolf is the mom who is a nurse who started showing horses professionally in 1977, dogs in 1980, then fell in love with llamas in 1999 and showed the top winning heavy wool male llama in the country for 2 years, then discovered silkies in 2008 then polish chickens at the silkie Nationals.

       Unfortunately, due to Erika's continuing struggle with her serious medical condition over the past couple of years that has not only impacted her personal life but her life as an artist as well, she has had to discontinue her career as an artist on canvas but has now taken up jewelry designing. So far reactions to her designs have been over the top, very positive and we look forward to sharing them and seeing all of you hopefully at a show soon. Carol

This is Erika Wolf. She created Wolf Kreations out of her passion of helping others and her love for creativity. Erika is a very special person in a way most people may not realize. Although Erika is disabled, she is a compassionate,  talented and giving person. She has a lot of health problems, as well as mental problems, She is always in and out of hospitals for surgery. She has just been blessed with a service dog named Sadie who is the love of her life and a god sent. Erika suffers from both Mental and Physical health problems.


  This is Carol and AAL Hot Fusion her multiple Best in Show llama that won many awards all across the southeast. He is now retired in North Carolina.

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Service Sadie

Meet Erika's baby Sadie. She is her service dog. Sadie has been a blessing and a joy to our lives, and she has done wonders for Erika. Sade is a  Psychiatric Service Dog. She helps Erika with lots of tasks that she struggles with, such as her PTSD, schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety. Sadie is always learning new tasks to help Erika manage her everyday life and hard struggles.    UPDATE: Erika is now experiencing seizures and Sadie is naturally picking up on them before they happen. She is able to warn her so Erika can get somewhere safe. We are all so proud of Sadie.